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Evgeni Chuikov was a rare and fortunate artist who seemingly discovered his own artistic style early in his career. He chose to combine spontaneous brushwork and ebullient color to narrate a personal artistic vision that has remained identifiable for more than forty years. His command of form, color and composition produced a body of work that possesses what the Russians like to call “canvas hum”. While his paintings can elicit numerous labels —impressionistic and folksy to name a couple—they reflect the artist's steadfast confidence in his ability and creative mission. His still lives radiate energy, his genre scenes offer an abundance of soul and his landscapes sing with lyrical clarity. Simply stated, his paintings are enjoyable.

Chuikov was born in a small village near Kursk, Russia in 1924. He was a heavily decorated veteran having served as a reconnaissance scout in World War II. Following the War, he turned his focus to studying art in Zaporozhe, Ukraine, the city in which he was to spend the rest of his life. His painting was heavily influenced by artists of the Vladimir School such as K. Britov and Y. Ukin, by fellow artist and lifelong friend, Georgi Kolosovski, as well as by the French Impressionists, Scottish Colorists and some American landscape painters. Chuikov was known for being a passionate painter and esteemed teacher and, as such, enjoyed a prominent position within Russian and Ukrainian art circles. He spent 15 years as the Chairman of the Zaporozhe Artists' Union and was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Ukraine in 1995, the highest accolade afforded an artist.

Museum collections

National State Art Museum (Kiev, Ukraine);
Donetsk State Art Museum (Donetsk, Ukraine);
Dnepropetrovsk State Art Museum (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine);
Nikolaev State Art Museum (Nikolaev, Ukraine)
Vinnitsa State Art Museum (Vinnitsa, Ukraine);
Zaporozhie State Art Museum (Zaporozhie, Ukraine);
Sumy State Art Museum (Sumy, Ukraine);
Tula State Art Museum (Tula, Russia);
Turin Art Museum (Turin, Italy);
Springville Museum of Art (United States)

Major International Exhibitions

1968 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Paris, France
1972 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Cyprus
1973 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Wroclaw, Poland
1978 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, West Berlin, Germany.
1979 Mixed exhibition of Soviet artists, Croatia, Yugoslavia
1983 Soviet Art Exhibition, Montreal, Canada

Since 1991 Chuikov’s works were featured in over 20 exhibitions in the United Kingdom, France, and the United States